Services Provided...

All of our services are free and confidential.

The Pregnancy Center services include:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Crisis counseling
  • Adoption information and education
  • Healthy relationship education
  • Abortion Recovery Program
  • Parenting classes
  • Small group support
  • Material assistance
  • Resource and referral assistance


Program development includes:

  • Educational programs that help women to plan for their future
  • Learn the basics of financial management
  • Single parenting education and support, adoption education, and assistance with the creation of a plan for the future of their child is just some of the many services the pregnancy care center provides our clients.


Crisis Counseling

When a young woman comes to the pregnancy center she is often in crisis mode and in need of immediate assistance and help. She needs facts and answers to her questions. In addition to offering the resources, information and counseling she needs, we are prepared to give her the information she needs as an answer to her concerns. The pregnancy center counselor can often diffuse the crisis by simply finding out what fears the client has, where her support system is, and seeking to find a solution to her immediate needs.



Professional Counseling

While the pregnancy center provides well trained peer counselors to meet with our clients on their initial visit, offering professional counseling is an important part of the ministry. To help women and their families navigate the road of an unplanned pregnancy, we refer our clients to Christian Counseling organizations. This professional counseling will help not only the expectant mother with her own emotions, but the entire family will be able to process the roller coaster that can come from an unplanned pregnancy.



Adoption Education & Options

We believe that no woman should feel pressured to abort due to the fact she is not ready to be a parent. Over 80% of post abortive women polled stated they would have chosen life if they had known of an alternative to parenting or had one person willing to support them. Teenagers are often unready to become a parent and not prepared for the demands and life changes that having a baby will bring. Parents of these girls are often unable to care for the child due to work schedule, financial strain, emotional issues at home or the strain of single parent homes. Anchor Point would like to present the subject of adoption in an educational format that teaches women, teenagers and their entire family about the types of adoption, the laws, the steps needed to seek further and the great sacrifice and love that is involved in adoption. We want to reach out with the message that, adoption is the birth mother making a parenting plan for the future of her child.



Maternity Home Assistance

Often, when people think of maternity homes they think of a place to hide their daughter from society for 9 months. In fact, maternity homes can be the exact thing a family needs to recover from the shock and the strain an unplanned pregnancy can cause. Sometimes, it just requires a short time to have a safe and secure place for the young woman to live while a plan is put in place and the crisis in he home has time to diffuse. Maternity homes offer assistance, free of charge to families and do not require the expectant mother to place her child for adoption. So that a time of healing and peace can take place and with the goal of restoring the family, Anchor Point partners with a local area state based maternity home by connecting young women and their parents to this vital form of assistance.